Crafts, Print and Packaging Designs

Packaging for jewellery and gifts plays a number of roles. First, it makes a statement about the gift or jewellery. Second, it makes a statement about the person presenting or selling them while third it can either create interest in the gift or turn off the person receiving them. This shows how important it is to ensure that you get the right jewellery gift packaging for every gift or jewellery.

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Gift wrapping as an art 

It doesn't need to be complicated or the idea need not be original, you could borrow this from somewhere and customise it. Think of it as an art where you let your mind wonder and explore different ideas. You could actually marry different ideas to come up with something unique and the first trial may not always be beautiful but you can improve on it with time.

Personality of the individual

This is a great pointer on what the gift packaging should be. Customising the gift wrap to the personality of the individual, appeals to them even before they open the gift. People can be fun, serious, outgoing, introverted, extremely particular and many more. Customising the packaging materials to these characters can be done with colours, prints on the packaging material, the shape of the gift wrap or even the captions on the package.


There are a lot of gift wraps and packaging bags on sale. While there may be unique ones, the surest way to ensure that you do not get similar packaging is creating unique packaging materials yourself. Come up with a design and create it using materials that may be readily available in your environment. You may even combine different materials to come up with some sort of unique collage. Remember, you could also use environmentally friendly materials to create the gift wraps.

For brands

As a seller or manufacturer of jewellery and gifts, you should understand that the gift wrap or packaging material used is an extension of your brand. With good packaging materials, your customers will enjoy an added advantage. This means that even if they are buying this for someone else, they will not feel the need to go looking for packaging materials elsewhere. Such a small gesture can earn you loyal clients.

Get some help

If you are not confident in your abilities to design a gift wrap, you could ask from help from friends and family members. However, this is only possible in instances where you have plenty of time. You may be amazed by the great jewellery gift packaging ideas you could get from unexpected quarters such as young children.